Verizon and APA have agreed to the following new contract terms: An account that is past 30 days will receive a text for payment. In the event that the member does not contact Verizon within that week of the notification, to make arrangements or payment, the account will have all lines of service suspended. Any account with a 60 day past due balance will have their amount owed removed from the Association's bond per contract agreement with PLEA. If an account proceeds to have a delinquency at 90 days, it will be disconnected resulting in termination of the telephone numbers and outstanding balances will be removed from the appropriate Association's bond.


Your AZPOA membership will be verified before you sign up for this valuable benefit.  Please follow each of the links below for detailed plan information, and the forms you will need to forward to APA in order to begin the process to take advantage of this opportunity. You can direct questions to Jessica Jankowski, our Verizon plan administrator, directly at 602-376-3659.


Available Plan Options

APA Verizon Contract form 

Verizon Credit Card Form 

For the latest info on phone pricing, please click here and view the latest image of the pricing list.