• Comprehensive legal protection

  • Affiliation with CLEAA and APA - the largest combined law enforcement organizing groups in Arizona

  • Experienced probation-knowledgeable lobbyist representing member's present and future interests

  • Equipment reimbursement for department issued equipment up to $500.00 during career

  • College scholarships for eligible officer member's children/grandchildren

  • $1,000.00 death benefit for retired member survivors

  • Participation in the no-cost Wills for Heroes program

  • Extended benefits for retirees - please contact Stan Rykowski for more information

  • Discounts on products and services including a new vacation planner!



  • General members $16.15/pay period (which totals $420 annually)

  • Retired members $120.00/year


General Membership Application (Maricopa County Only)

Retired Member Application




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