Fundraiser for U.S. Marshal, Deputy Chase White

We have an opportunity to greatly help the family of U.S. Marshal, Deputy Chase White. Chase lost his life last week in Tucson, while serving the citizens of Arizona. Chase dedicated his life to serving others. After spending 7 years in the U.S. Air Force,  Chase continued in the reserves while serving our community.

Now it is our turn to give back to Chase's family, so they can continue to live in their home without the fear of having to move. Chase's wife, Sue Ellen and their 4 children have an incredibly hard road to travel with the loss of their husband and father. When a first responder or military service member serves, their family serves as well. We owe them all our commitment to do our best to take care of them. 

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation has started a fundraiser towards paying off the family's mortgage. Tunnel to Towers has donated the first 100K. All donations go directly towards paying off the mortgage with no administrative or other fees incurred. 

As the holiday season is upon us, we are asking for your help to accomplish this mission. Let's give Chase's family the present of a secure future and a guaranteed home for  Chase's children to grow up in.